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Author: Shrenik Shah

About me : # The great Almighty is exceptionally kind to me for letting me say, Recently recognized as "Global Goodwill Ambassador" "Ambassador of State, #BeTheChange Global, Gujarat, India" "Super Achievers India 2021 award as | Man of Courage | " "Seeing me Speaking with Distinct Voice is Believing that, YES, it's thrilling Life even after cancer in 1997 in the last stage & undoubtedly with Full of Hope", as Ca-Larynx (vocal cords cancer in advance stage) survivor in 24th year from Ahmedabad. # I could gracefully Re-wired my lifetime speaking crisis & disability into an astute counselor, global inspirational speaker & having the honor to anchor & moderate the world's 1st e-health series through 1:1 interview & talk shows, by speaking using electrolarynx with clearly audible sound & did 14 episodes with 19k+ views in 12 weeks & more are scheduled. #Published my biography, "SHAHENSHAH" world's 1st as Ca-Larynx survivor, last year as e-book, paperback : https://youtu.be/00YPI-WjJWU 20 seconds https://youtu.be/Mx7sELp03uQ 15 seconds https://amzn.to/2CP3Nh9 # prestigious acquaintances with a quite large number of top-of-line Oncologists, super specialists & medical professionals globally. # very lucky to build image within oncology circuit in India & abroad & other medical professionals # Huge social media presence across all key platforms # my relentless pursuit to touch the lives of millions by extending "Hands of Hope through professional live & virtual talk shows for patients & caregivers, students, institutes & young generation worldwide # Did 3 video recordings + 6 back-to-back live talk shows including one on GSTV TV news channel by sharing the stage with Dr.JayNarayan Vyas, ex. cabinet minister & Dr.Pankaj Shah, an eminent medical oncologist for World Cancer day (MP4 video attached) # Received appreciation badge from UICC, Geneva I am humbled to share pdf file of my cancer winning journey, a few posters & a screenshot of my introduction shared with HOD of Stanford Cancer Centre, USA towards my 40 min kick start presentation given in the USA as the first & only Indian for 2500 global attendees during an annual virtual conference in last year. Last but never least, always giving 110 of my timeless efforts to anything, I indulge in as I am committed to delivering. Thank you for your the time to read my profile. SHRENIK SHAH (Laryngectomee) - INDIA ("Watching Me Speaking with DistinctVoice is Believing", my biography, "SHAHENSHAH" published as e-book~paperback, Recipient of UICC, Geneva appreciation certificate & Caner Victor + other Awards winners, leading Quality life in 24th year as Global Patient leader, Catalyst Counselor, Professional Inspirational Speaker, anchor & moderator FB Live Health Series) Email : shrenik.shah2015@yahoo.com https://www.shrenikshah2110.com https://www.shrenikshah2110.com/landing-page/ Links to my Biography available worldwide links : https://amzn.to/2CP3Nh9 https://www.amazon.com/dp/9390197031 https://facebook.com/shrenik.shah.355 http://facebook.com/cancerwinnershrenik https://twitter.com/shrenikshah2110 https://www.instagram.com/cancerwinnershrenik/ https://youtube.com/channel/UCBy32u1BWPYR77zNgjBpLpg https://www.linkedin.com/in/shrenik-shah-892519149/ https://speakerhub.com/speaker/shrenik-shah-0