Shrenik Shah


“Seeing is Believing” & Willing to make difference in Life of others through my professional live Talk Shows & counseling.
I am Cancer Winner in 23rd year post larynx cancer & speaking with electro larynx with clearly audible sound & am counselor & professional motivational speaker.
My differently enabled voice is my Unique identity.
I have given numerous professional live presentation with slides in India & abroad as global patient leader & motivational speaker & to name some, #HNCConf2019 in Brighton,UK (did in Nottingham #HNCConf2018) & also in several medical colleges, large cancer hospitals including in GCRI, India (, Corporate houses covering following topics : (My audiences youngsters, medical students, researchers & like minded people in India & abroad ) :
# From Being Disabled to Enabled
# Going Back to work after cancer treatments
#Bringing back lost smile while going through tough in life.
As its known fact, cancer is highly dreadful disease with huge number of patients diagnosed & experiencing trauma, & lot of physical, mental, social & financial stress & needing motivational support during such crisis.
I suggest to explore my facebook page & instagram #cancerwinnershrenik to learn more about my activities for cancer community.
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(Victor Cancer Award Winner in 23rd year & Global Patient leader & Motivational Speaker)