“Ocean of Gratitude to Dr.Kaustubh Patel for getting me new life on Sept.,5th before 20 years”

Ocean of Gratitude to Dr.Kaustubh Patel for getting me new life on this day before 20 years.I am also grateful to entire team of Oncologists of ACF, Aastha Oncology, Hcg Oncology, Dr.Jatin Shah@ MSKCC-NY, Prof.M.Birchall @UCL,UK,Thomas Moors, Chris CurtisNiraj Shah, Atos Medical-Sweden and all my Well Wishers including H and N support group in India,N.A.L.C & BLA -UK,USA,Australia for their all around wonderful support and last best never the least to my all Family members for being continuous carer during my on going journey.

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My Cancer Survivor story included in Australian edition by TheSwallows,H and N Cancer support group,UK

I am grateful to TheSwallows,Head and Neck Cancer support group,UK for including my story in their Australian edition.The book was launched on 27th July,”The World Head and Neck Cancer Awareness day” to support patients & carers in Australia. Link: https://www.yumpu.com/en/document/view/59181006/the-swallows-australian-edition-magazine,(Twitter,#WhNCDay2017)

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The World Head & Neck Cancer Awareness day,27th July,Saluting Doctors with profound regards

“The World Head and Neck Cancer Awareness day”,27th July,saluting with profound regards,Dr.Jatin Shah@MSKCC,NY,Prof.Martin Birchall@UCL, London,my Cancer Surgeon Dr.Kaustubh Patel,Dr.Toprani,Dr.Dushyant Mandlik,Dr.Daxesh Patel,Dr.Purvi Dave,Dr.Siddharth Shah,Dr.Bhavesh Parekh,Dr.Aashish Kaushal,Dr.Kinjal Jani,Dr.Samir Batham,Dr.Mitesh, Dr.Parin,Dr.Shrinal,Dr.Priyanka and all Oncologists for their incredible knowledge,experience in treating H and N cancer,giving quality life to Cancer patients.

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Life After Cancer, “Patient Advocate Stories”, published by UseMyData.org.UK

use MY data_case studies_Shrenik Shah & Nilam Shah

Courtesy:UseMyData.org.uk, (to view click above link)

“Life After Cancer”, my story published my UseMayData.org.UK  recently under heading of, “Patient Advocate Stories”,being used for Research purpose by Professionals and to help others through their blog, conferences, print outs etc.

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